Video Tutorial Hoopomania Workout

This is what you are going to expect:
Set your base and get comfortable with your hoop. Look at its dimensions, composition and design. Breathe in and exhale, stretch and unwind. The hoop will be become a good friend of yours. Smile! Let the games begin! Follow the hooping teacher‘s instructions and place your feet a shoulder-distance apart. Get a good stance. Let there be music and feel the beat. Make sure you hold the hoop in a parallel alignment to the ground. Firm the midline of your body, turn your hips to one side and push the hoop firmly to the opposite side. Pull your pelvis back and forth. Take your arms to the side, up in the air and try to reach your sternum away from your navel. Remain rooted as you spin the hoop and experience the so-called „inflow“. The inflow is the orientation you chose intuitively to rotate the hoop. Your inflow was given to you naturally. You will also learn here to spin the hoop in the opposite direction, the so-called „outflow“. First you may find yourself at a loss about what you should be doing with your hips to get the outflow going, but relax, you will thrive over time.

Ups, the hoop fell down? Frustrated and discouraged? Lighten up! Savor the learning process. Our instructors will tell you all the tricks and show you the right moves to stabilize and catch the hoop when it sinks toward the ground. Sometimes it makes you wonder how the instructors maintain the hoop rotating for seemingly hours without dropping it. It is not a trick; it is merely practice, routine and increasing self-confidence. It will happen to you, too! Using the momentum, you will be able to dance with the hoop. You will develop the ability to be in charge of the hoop. Hoopomania‘s goal is to promote the union of body, mind and hoop and thus create the utmost benefit of your workout. Get the hoop airborne with ease, go with your gut feeling and take a whole new approach to cardio-vascular fitness and sustainable weight loss.

Discover with the help of our instructors what makes you thrive. This unique hooping tutorial course features experiential knowledge, blissful training sequences and alternate practice modes for your best workout ever!