Information about Hoopomania Workout

  • Discover something fabulous: Hooping shapes your butt. It tones your thighs, torso and enhances the mobility of your spine; and last but not least it improves posture. Are you having trouble losing weight? More good news: Hooping burns fat the moment you start practicing. Spinning the hoop at a moderate velocity burns more than 500 calories per hour!
  • Hooping makes your blood circulation go around! Regular aerobic workout increases the efficiency of the heart muscle considerably. High blood pressure will be naturally lowered and the flow characteristics of the blood will be refined. Hooping may prevent the occurrence of cellulite. The hooping action strengthens cellulite-prone tissue and jump-starts cleansing your organism of toxins. It is said that the average person has up to 10 pounds of compacted waste built up in the body! Hooping supports the body’s digestion effectively.
  • Hula hoop enhances good posture and balance. It relieves premature stiffness and strengthens the bones, thus may halt the onset of a future osteoporosis. Taking aerobic action three times a week for just 15 minutes lowers the risk of developing the dreaded degenerative condition.
  • Discover that spinning the hoop makes you thrive! Step outside of your old routines; refresh your perspectives. Hooping lifts off the heaviness of negative emotions.
  • Clinical long-term studies prove: Recreational athletes are less sick, live longer and are more active into old age. Hooping is considered to be an effective anti-aging practice.
  • Hoopers sleep better! At Stanford University insomnia patients were motivated to take up aerobic exercise, such as hooping.  The volunteers enjoyed better sleep and felt rejuvenated. Researchers of the Norwegian Tromsö University support the theory that regular cardio-vascular workouts, such as hula hoop, lessen the risk of breast cancer in female athletes significantly.
  • One more good thing to keep in mind: Hooping is said to delight your senses and thus invigorates your self-healing powers and inner happiness.
The swing of things: Our hoops are as distinctive as the people using them. Your new-found hooping routine requires the right tool. Hoopomania Brand offers an extensive range of individual hoops. Get armed for action with one of our light weight hoops: Hoopomania Slim Hoop and Hoopomania Body Hoop facilitate first-time hooping for petite and light-weight people.
Our moderate weight hoops such as Hoopomania Light Hoop and Hoopomania Weight Hoop possess built-in massage ridges for developing good abdominal muscles. The hoops are entirely foam coated for comfort and avoid bruising.
And then there are our weighted hoops including massage balls: Take a look at Hoopomania Magnetic Hoop, Action Hoop, Anion Hoop, Vital Hoop and fabulous Titan Hoop. Plus: Anion Hoop, Vital Hoop and Titan Hoop are enriched with anions which promote a metabolic makeover and detox while exercising. 
Give your height, weight and shape of your body the perfect compliment: The hoop that meets your individual needs.
Our passion for hooping is reflected in every hoop. No matter if you pursue weight loss, toning muscles, getting back in shape after pregnancy or rehab after injury and illness; we have the right hoop for you. If in doubt, just contact us. We are here to meet all your needs.

Hoopomania Table:
Hoopomania Name Target group Body weight Massage factor
Hoopomania Light Hoop 1.2kg Beginner up to 65 kg mild
Hoopomania Weight Hoop 1.5kg Beginner from 65 kg mild
Hoopomania Might Hoop 2kg All from 85 kg mild
Hoopomania Slim Hoop 0.72kg All up to 55 kg mild
Hoopomania Body Hoop 0.95kg All 56 - 65 kg mild
Hoopomania Large Hoop 1.8kg All from 65 kg Mild-intensive
Hoopomania Anion Hoop 2.1kg All from 70 kg Mild-intensive
Hoopomania Magnetic Hoop 1.2kg All 60 - 70 kg intensive
Hoopomania Vital Hoop 2.6kg Advanced from 70 kg Mild-intensive
Hoopomania Action Hoop 1.6kg Advanced from 65 kg intensive
Hoopomania Titan Hoop 3.1kg Advanced from 70 kg intensive
  • With practice, perseverance and a cue from within you will find the key to success!Start your hooping practice in the first few days gradually. Two to five minutes per day will be just fine. Go easy on yourself.
  • To achieve sustainable results you ought to train 15 – 20 minutes two to three times a week minimum. If you manage to exercise more often and for a longer time, the better! Place your feet about shoulder-distance apart. Get grounded firmly. Hold the hoop in a parallel alignment to the ground. Wear sensible foot-wear. Some of our hoops are considerably weighted; refrain from exercising bare-foot when you are a beginner! Well worth the effort: Alter the direction of the spin regularly. If you are able to this, you will soon notice a better training result and improved massage technique.
  • Don’t be afraid of the first trial! Just firm the muscles of your midriff, turn your pelvis to one side and push the hoop vigorously to the opposite side. Push the hoop hard. If it falls, don’t get frustrated. It happens to everybody. Keep the back and forth movement of the pelvis even and concentrate on spinning the hoop in a proper parallel alignment to the floor.
  • Liquid intake is essential for your well-being. Hooping is a demanding cardio-vascular workout. Always make sure to replenish your body with liquids during and after practice.
  • Keeping up sustainable weight loss can be challenging. It is essential to eat healthy foods and maintain your physical and emotional energy. When you find yourself stuck on the scales, clean out your fridge and fill it with smart, nutritious foods.
  • Should you experience any unusual pain, swelling or bruising beyond the beginner’s level, stop exercising and consult your physician.
Place your feet about shoulder-distance apart. Get grounded firmly. Hold the hoop in a parallel alignment to the ground. Let it rest slightly at the small of your back. Firm the muscles of your midriff, turn your pelvis to one side and push the hoop vigorously to the other side. Can you push the hoop hard enough, so that it spins six or seven times before falling to the ground? Practice the initial impulse a couple of times and try to lean into the hoop wherever it makes contact with your skin. Be relaxed and become aware of the movement. Practice until you can willfully increase the number of full rotations of the hoop.

Lateral stretching of the torso, part one
Warm up, focusing on lengthening your torso. Grab the hoop and reach your arms directly inside it and straiten them. The hoop should be touching your back and its bow should be up above your head. Bend your torso to the left and then to the right until you feel resistance. Keep the pose for a while, inhale, exhale. Allow your chest to feel open. Repeat the whole sequence four times. Do you feel the release of tension in your body?

Lateral stretching of the torso, part two
Take a wide stance and hold the hoop upright. Lift your arms vigorously toward the ceiling. Imagine you are an animal trainer and your tiger is about to perform a jump through the hoop above your head. Watch the ceiling, when you do this exercise. Lengthen and bend your torso to the right, then to the left. Also repeat this sequence for four times.
„How often should I work out with the Hoopomania hoop?“
To achieve sustainable results you ought to train 15 – 20 minutes two to three times a week minimum. If you manage to practice more often and for a longer time, the better! But be careful. Do not stress it in the beginning. Find your own pace and get used to the hooping’s massage effect hoop gradually. To practice safely, do not train for more than five minutes per day when you are a beginner.

„How long will it take for me to see results?“
The success depends a lot on your personal fitness profile. The individual workout intensity creates effects that may vary. It is preferable to focus on a slow detailed practice rather than an over-night miracle. Also raise awareness to your nutrition when you are exercising. Good news: Women tend to befriend and benefit from hooping easily. The workout format complements their anatomy naturally.

„I feel pain while hooping – is it something to worry about?“
Over time your skin and tissue will adjust to the hooping action and enjoy the massage effect. Gradually build toward more repetitions and a longer performance. Do not overdo in the beginning. When you get a warning from your body, make it a priority to stop what you are doing and take a rest.

“I experience a lot of bruising while hooping. Why?”
This side effect is neither unusual nor harmful The Hoopomania massage balls are essential accessories for efficient practice. Many first time hoopers experience bruising when starting out. Go easy on yourself: Facilitate your workout with the perfect fit and protective function of the Hoopomania Abdominal Belt.

“What should I pay attention to when hooping?”
Pay attention to your posture. Get rooted firmly on the ground, assume a slightly open stance and keep your knees bent.
It can take some time of practice, but it is well worth the effort: Ideally change the direction of the spin regularly. If you are able to this, you will notice a better training result.
Make sure you spin the hoop in a proper parallel alignment to the ground.
Hooping is an energetic cardio-vascular workout format. Always rejuvenate and replenish your body with liquids while and after working out.
Do not stop eating to achieve weight loss! Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. It might take five... Come to nourish yourself based on a natural-foods diet and get realistic response to your needs.