Hoopomania fitness dumbbells 1/2/3kg

Set: 2 dumbbells each having 1, 2 or 3 kg (optional choice)

Colors: red, pink and blue

Material: plastic coated steel

Keep your fitness with these dumbbells (1 to 3 kg) by Hoopomania in your own hands

Now it is time to take action for your health and your dream figure. Hoopomania allows you to take your fitness with these dumbbells into your own hands. Choose a weight class ranging from 1 and 3 kilograms and enjoy a gentle form of power sport that allows you to strengthen the muscles in the shoulder and in the arms in particular. Thanks to the grippy texture, you have the dumbbells always under control.

Hoopomania fitness dumbbells (2 pieces) in different weight classes 
  • depending on the desired intensity, you can choose between 1 and 3 kilos
  • the non-slip surface ensures a secure grip
  • high quality product
  • excellent price-performance ratio

Ensure with Hoopomania an effective expansion of your training repertoire

With these gymnastic dumbbells, you enjoy even more variety in your fitness plan. Besides Hula Hooping or Arm Hooping, you can train in a targeted way with these dumbbells the torso and choose a gentle introduction in the field of power sport thanks to the low weight. Due to the handy size of this fitness equipment, you can train on demand anytime and anywhere.

Hoopomania ensures even more variety in your training plan: With these dumbbells in a set, you can enjoy an effective training method for the arms and the shoulder.