Hoopomania acupressure nail mat with lotus flower

Material: ABS and TPE

Colors: black and violet

Nail rosettes: 230 pieces

Tips: 24 (on each nail rosette)

External dimensions: 65 x 40 x 0.5 cm

Nail area (length x width): 55 x 38 cm

Acupressure nail mat by Hoopomania: Take a seat and relax

Even if it is a bed of nails, you will be happy to stand, sit or lie on this acupressure mat. This innovative acupressure mat by Hoopomania has been designed so that it allows a very pleasant massage effect. The filigree crafted lotus flower tips provide a gentle, yet effective stimulation which is, incidentally, successfully applied in the field of traditional nail therapy for a long time. If you want to experience relaxation and to pamper your back in a soothing way, then you should take relaxing time-outs on the nail mat.

For noticeably more well-being: Relax on the acupressure mat nail
  • high quality product in an attractive design
  • space-saving transport (rollable), a practical bag is included
  • easy cleaning possibilities
  • noticeable health application by pleasant massage effect
  • the specific shape of the tips ensures a well-dosed massage effect
  • enjoy the stimulating effect of the acupressure mat
These health active nail mat revives your yoga exercises

You may use this high quality and design-conscious nail mat as literal basis for your yoga exercises. Relaxation exercises you can be enriched by a soothing stimulation. Enjoy the gentle massage pressure to leave everyday stress behind completely. The transport of this mat is uncomplicated because it can be easily rolled up. Use the supplied bag to go everywhere with your new training basis. The robust and easy-care materials ensure that you will enjoy this health product for a long time.

In everyday life you need health conscious time-outs: Treat yourself with this acupressure mat nail to relaxing moments.