Hoopomania Yoga Socken mit Antirutsch Funktion One Toe und Half Toe

Available sizes: S (36-38), M (39-41)

Colors: black, purple (nubs)

Cotton: 75%,

Polyester: 22%

Spandex: 3%

You will be blown away: athletic footwear in attractive design variants with anti-slip effect

Only with the right socks, the sporty outfit can be a holistic and functional unit which offers you safety and a comfortable fit.True to this motto, we offer you here high quality yoga socks in different design versions in order to use the toes as an essential part of the sense of touch for a much sharper perception of your body.

These yoga socks combine functionality and appearance in a sporty design:
  • 2 options to choose from: One Toe socks or exposed toes
  • anti-slip effect for a better fit during yoga exercises
  • sporty look, also for leisure activities
  • cold feet were yesterday: One Toe socks can be worn in flip-flops
  • the open Yoga Socks ensure a pleasant barefoot feeling
  • these socks contribute to a better body feeling (increased sensory)
  • high quality with pleasant wearing comfort on the feet

Which design would you like? One Toe socks or exposed toes

Select when ordering the airy Half Toe Yoga socks in order to feel a more direct connection to the ground.With these open-fronted socks, you will finally be able to feel again that toes are an essential part of the sense of touch. The trendy One Toe socks allow you new combinationsin sports and leisure: By separating the big toe and the remaining ones, you can wear these yoga socks in flip-flops in a comfortable wayif the temperatures do not yet allow running barefoot.

Hoopomania Half Toe Yogasocken mit Antirutsch-NoppenHalf Toe Yoga socks: Finally you will feel your toes again!

In sports, a good grip as well as a good feeling for the ground is essential to feel comfortable. In the "Half Toe" design, these high quality yoga and sport socks meet these basic requirements in an attractive design:Due to the exposed toes, you can move closer to the ground and absorb significantly more sensory information for a sharpened perception of the body. Despite the pleasant feeling like walking barefoot, the attached rubber nubs ensure a non-slip standat any time!

Hoopomania One Toe Yogasocken mit Antirutsch-Noppen
One Toe socks for Yoga and Co.: I even wear them in my flip-flop!

Finally, the summer may go into an extra time with these handy One Toe socks because the practical design ensures that they can be worn even in flip-flops.Cold feet in the transitional period will become a thing of the past.And even without shoes, these socks can be worn at home or at the gym in a wonderfully comfortable way, not least because the integrated rubber nubs provide an effective anti-slip effect.

Put them on and just feel good: Discover now these trendy yoga socks for sports and leisure wear and experience an entirely new (bare)foot feeling.

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