Hoopomania Twisting Disc

Hoopomania Twisting Disk
Suitable for a body weight up to: 100 kg

Diameter: 28 cm

Height: 2.5 cm

Product weight: 0.6 kg

Colour: white, orange, grey

Material: plastic, magnets

Hoopomania Twisting Disc: an effective training tool for all households!

The Waist Twisting Disk allows an effective fitness workout at home including a pleasant massage effect on the feet. The excellent price-performance ratio makes it an ideal entry-level model for daily exercises. Despite the low price, users will be convinced in terms of quality and functionality. Furthermore, the training effects can be seen in the truest sense of the word because with regular workouts the waist will be slimmer and the abdominal muscles will be stronger.

A great fitness option for every day with the following effects:
  • perfect starter model for beginners
  • the waist will be slimmer, effective training of the abdominal muscles
  • buttocks and thighs are sustainably streamlined
  • targeted improvement of the physical coordination
  • stimulation of blood circulation thanks to the integrated massage nubs
  • fitness everywhere - very handy and mobile companion

These discs are bringing swing into your everyday life!

The upper of the two disks is equipped with massage nubs, creating a pleasant massage effect including the stimulation of the blood circulation in the feet. The best way to conduct the training is barefoot. Only 2 sessions of 10 minutes are sufficient to increase your well-being actively. Especially after sedentary activities, the training on the Waist Twisting Disc will be a welcome change for you. Variety is always ensured since the exercises can be done in a standing or sitting position.