Hoopomania Speed Rope

Color: black

Cable length: 3m

Material: plastic, steel

Speed Rope I by Hoopomania: Give your workout the desired speed!

You know skipping from childhood and want to refresh your memories in a sporty way? You've wondered often why many professional boxers improve their endurance with a skipping rope? It is an effective form of workout with which you can give your condition a leg-up. With this high quality skipping rope, you will enjoy the practical advantage of being able to flexibly adjust the length according to your needs (this up to a maximum height of 2 meters). A plastic sheath ensures a desirable stability; the plastic handles a secure grip. Thanks to the innovative design, annoying knots won’t disturb you.

Speed Rope I by Hoopomania: all advantages at a glance
  • ideal for beginners and professional athletes and children
  • enjoy thanks to the adjustable length a greater flexibility
  • fast movements are possible thanks to the steel wire with plastic coating (thus no knotting)
  • sturdy and durable materials
  • for the transport a handy bag is included
  • total cable length: 3 meters (suitable for people with a height up to 2 meters)
  • designed for indoor use

Discover with this innovative fitness tool a new form of fitness

What about an addition to your training schedule? Enjoy with this Speed Rope a dynamic training opportunity to improve your endurance. Whether speed kipping or dual cable double unders, with this flexible training device you can take your fitness active in their hands.

Improve your fitness with the Speed Rope I by Hoopomania and experience an intense and effective training possibility.