Hoopomania Profi Hoop, Hula hoop of metal and foam, 0.8kg

Hoopomania Profi Hoop

Diameter: 104 cm

Material: plastic, foam

Tube diameter: approx. 2.5 cm

Weight:1,1 kg

Color: pink, purple
Hoopomania Profi Hoop: This new Hula Hoop will move you!

With Hoop Dancing, a new trend sport has been born. Enjoy an intensive and efficient workout with pure vitality while moving your hips to the rhythm of your favorite music. The rotating movements can more than "just" awaking happy childhood memories. The Hoopomania Profi Hoop provides a very effective form of training which is ideal for burning fat and the stimulation of muscles. This innovative Hula Hoop is a very handy fitness equipment which you may use everywhere within a few seconds. All you will need is enough space around you for the rotating movements. In addition to professional Dance Hooping, the Profi Hoop is also suitable for various gymnastic exercises.

Hoopomania Profi Hoop: and no fitness wishes remain unfulfilled...

  • with the Profi Hoop, you will enjoy a vitalizing workout for body and soul
  • can be used as well for various gymnastic exercises
  • the metal core provides stability
  • a special foam coating provides a high level of comfort during the training
  • anti-slip effect through integrated foam
  • very handy training equipment
  • made of metal with special foam coating

This construction keeps what it promises!

The Profi Hoop consists of 6 parts which can be put together in a few minutes. The plug sockets are designed with view to robustness and absolute safety in use, so that the disassembly of the Profi Hoop requires a little more effort. The high quality of the plug sockets gives you the certainty that the Profi Hoop only flies around your hips! Discover now the Hoopomania fitness world: We wish you an exciting workout with your Profi Hoop!

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