Hoopomania Might Hoop 2 kg with foam cover

Hoopomania Weight Hula Hoop mit Schaumstoff
The workout equipment: Hoopomania Might Hoop features 8 massage ridges on the inside, a diameter of 100 cm (39“) and weighs 2 kg

Target group: beginners and advanced of 85 kg and above

Performance level: moderate

Parts: 8 pieces

Diameter: 100 cm

Weight: 2 kg

Colour: blue, light-blue

Workout benefits: 

Hoopomania Weight Hula Hoop Details

Hoopomania Might Hoop is an inspiring workout tool to bring mind, body and an aerobic exercise together in a fitness workout. Hooping with the medium weighted, entirely foam coated Might Hoop helps you to achieve optimal physical results such as fat burning, toning your entire body and improve your posture without discomfort and pain.

We recommend this model to all users with a body weight of at least 85 kg. Due to the subtle design, this functional Hula Hoop appeals to women and men. More and more men are convinced of this effective sport as it is a holistic form of workout. If you practice regularly with the Hoopomania Might Hoop, the effects can be seen and felt:

  • ideal sport for losing weight due to efficient fat burning
  • the tissue around the hip, the abdomen and the buttocks is tightened
  • regular training makes the hip slimmer
  • the coordination can be improved
  • the massage effect can improve the bowel activity
  • Hula Hooping stimulates the metabolism and the blood circulation
  • strengthen your back with Hula Hooping


Might Hoop is collapsible into 6 sections by a one-click-spring lock system. Join the sections with an audible „click“. Before spinning put some stress on the joints to make sure they are properly connected.

Safety advices:

Beginners should not exceed 5 minutes workout time per day. Get used to your hooping workout gradually. Learn spinning at your own pace. Do not hoop while pregnant, when you are carrying electronical implants, suffer from high blood pressure or when your health is already at risk.

Make sure you keep a proper distance to objects and other people near you while hooping. Use the hoop only for exercise purposes according instructions. In the beginning occasional bruising may occur. This side effect is not harmful. You can prevent bruising simply by wearing the Hoopomania elastic abdominal belt.

Private customers can order the product here (simply click on the button): Hoopomania Weight Hoop