Hoopomania LED Hula Hoop

Hoopomania LED Hula Hoop Reifen
LED: 16 or 24 built-in LED lights in 7 colors

Voltage: 3.7 V

Battery: 14500 Lithium (AA) with PCB protection

Material: HDPE

Color: white-milky

Hula Hoop Diameter: 60 or 90 cm

Diameter of the tube: 20 mm

Total weight: about 300 or 400 grams

Hoopomania LED Hula Hoop with 16/24 lights: This professional equipment will be a true highlight on stage

This innovative and trendy LED Hula Hoop impressively shows what modern fitness Hoops are capable of. With 16/24 expressive LED lights, this Hula Hoop combines a peppy-dynamic sport experience with visual aesthetics in perfect harmony. The 7 changing colors amplify optically the circling movements, providing a special atmosphere especially in darkened rooms. Therefore, this model is perfect for professional shows in the commercial sector as well as for private celebrations.

LED Hula Hoop by Hoopomania: Show your true colors!

  • professional equipment for shows and dance performances
  • a training device with special visual highlights
  • in darkened rooms, this LED Hula Hoop unfolds its full atmospheric effect
  • 7 changing colors visualize the dynamics of Hula Hooping
  • can be dismantled thanks to One Click System (for transport)
  • a highlight for everyone: attractive price-performance ratio
  • robust qualitative nature thanks to HDPE
  • battery (with PCB protection) & charger included

Hula Hooping with maximum expressivity: This LED Hula Hoop makes it possi

The inside of this LED Hula Hoop disposes of a functional grip tape which causes a noticeable anti-slip effect. In this respect, you need only a little practice to bring a professional performance on stage. To improve the durability and the safety of use, we would ask you to only use the supplied battery and charger. Especially practical is the One Click plug-in system that allows you to reduce the Hoop for a space-saving transport.

Show with this LED Hula Hoop more color on stage and get an impressive eye-catcher that will inspire the audience!

Private customers can order the product here (simply click on the button):Hoopomania LED Hula Hoop