Hoopomania Large Hoop with 96 magnets 1,8kg

Hoopomania Large Hula Hoop
The workout equipment:
Hoopomania Action Hoop has 96 magnetic massage balls, a diameter of 107 cm (42‘‘) and weighs 1.8 kg(3.6 lbs).

Target Group: beginner and advanced from 65 kg (143 lbs)

Performance level of massage: mild till intensive

Parts: 8 items

Diameter: 107 cm

Weight: 1800 grams

Color: green, pink and beige

A “large” and peppy fitness solution: Discover the Hoopomania Large Hoop

Celebrate actively the sporting comeback of modern fitness Hula Hoops and take your well-being regularly into your own hands.With a diameter of 1.07 meters, a proud weight of 1800 grams and 96 integrated magnets, the innovative and highly efficient Hoopomania Large Hoop will bring noticeably more momentum into your workouts in daily life.A special highlight of this model is that the massage nubs are arranged in two circles so that this version is wider overall.In addition, a denser arrangement of the magnetic massage nubs ensures that the pleasant massage effect during your workout will be much stronger and even more stimulating.An intelligent air cushioning system with elastic silicone nubs counteracts slipping of the tire.If you opt for this model from Hoopomania, you'll quickly get to feel an intense massage experience with effective pain relief.

Hula Hooping: Training benefits and all important features of the Large Hoop
  • weight loss and increased fat burning
  • strengthening of the tissue around the abdomen, buttocks and hip
  • slim waist and a strong back
  • improved posture and coordination
  • stimulation of the blood circulation and metabolism
  • high quality Hula Hoop
  • easy installation thanks to one click system
  • space-saving and portable
  • cheap solution compared to other fitness equipment

Enjoy invisible magnetic fields during the workout for visible training effects

For centuries, the health-enhancing power of magnetic fields has been described cross-culturally.With the Large Hoop, you practice not only a sophisticated and effective form of sport, you immerse your body in a vital magnetic field which acts purifying and stimulating on body and mind. Even if Hooping may look simple, so you should not underestimate this holistic and demanding form of training and get your body used to it slowly. In the case of a great sensitivity to pain, it may be advisable to wear the Hoopomania shapewear beltas additional protection.It is important for you to know that you purchase with the Large Hoop a modern and high quality exercise equipment that will offer you pure fun!Thus, the most important foundation has already been laid on the path to a greater well-being or the awaited dream figure.Thanks to the innovative One Click system, you can disassemble the Hula Hoop in its components and take it with you anywhere, even on vacation. If necessary, omit a part of the Large Hoop in order to reduce its weight or the diameter.


Private customers can order the product here (simply click on the button): Hoopomania Light Hoop