Hoopomania LED Hula Hoop PRO I & II

Hoopomania LED Hula Hoop Reifen Battery: 10440 Lithium (AAA, including PCB protection)

Remote control: with keys 4/14 (PRO I / II) (LED2013-RF)

Remote distance (range): max. 50 meters

Voltage: 3.7 V

Integrated LED lights: 164

Material: HDPE, Pro Gaff Grip Tape (attached on the inside)

Hoop diameter: about 0.85 meters

Tube diameter: 20 mm

Total weight: about 450 g

A literal highlight by Hoopomania: LED Hula Hoop with 164 lights and practical remote control

After a long and conscientious development phase, this impressive LED Hula Hoop can now swing with perfect balance around your hip to ensure on stage a very special atmosphere. With this high quality professional Hula Hoop, you can finally combine dance, movement, emotion and light effects. Over 300 selectable lighting effects and the flexible options via remote control ensure that a highly sophisticated performance can be demonstrated with individual highlights. Whether colors, variations or speeds, the included remote control makes creativity visible.

Product advantages and applications of this extraordinary LED Hula Hoop:
  • an effective tool designed for professionals, dancers, performers and shows in nightclubs or theaters
  • the built-in high grade LEDs with different colors ensure maximum expressivity
  • each LED Hoop is a unique quality product (handmade in Germany)
  • over 300 selectable lighting effects and speed regulation visualize the great creative repertoire
  • the One Click plug-in system allows a rapid reduction of size for a space saving transport as Travel Hoop
  • everything is controllable: the practical remote control is included
  • handmade quality: before delivery, we test every LED Hula Hoop carefully

Designed to develop unique stage shows and to captivate viewers

The large repertoire of colors and functions allows to continually find new creative performances. In combination with appropriate music, a highly individual show can thus be developed. The full potency of this LED Hula Hoop is unfolded in darkened rooms. Overall, it is professional equipment which should be used only by experienced Hoopers. The integrated LED technology is very well protected by the construction, but a truly impressive performance needs certainly some experience. As pure exercise equipment, this LED Hula Hoop is not recommended: his ‘home’ is rather the more or less professional show stage.

This high quality, powerful and multifunctional LED Hula Hoop allows an impressive performance of power, dynamic, music and lighting effects. On stage, the LED Hula Hoop creates a special atmosphere. The built-in LED technology is structurally well protected, yet this high-end Hoop is recommended rather for advanced or professional performers. When used properly, there is a 1-year warranty (for the batteries 6 months).

Scope of delivery:
5 x lithium battery (already integrated)
1 x Hula Hoop with expressive High Grade LEDs
1 x charging cable (USB connection)
1 x remote control with 4/14 keys (PRO I / II)
1 x manual (German)

Private customers can order the product here (simply click on the button): LED Hula Hoop