Hoopomania Kids Hula Hoop

Hoopomania Yogarolle
Weight: 184-238 grams (depending on the size of the chosen diameter)

Diameter: 60 - 80 cm 

Material: HDPE

Colors: white, pink, green, yellow, orange, blue and red

Tube diameter: 16mm

Material thickness: 2 mm

Made in Germany, handmade

Children Hula Hoop 2.0: With this lively playfellow boredom has no chance!

Yes, you are not surprised without reason because for many generations the Hula Hoop has been a popular playfellow for kids. Even couch potatoes can be animated with this trendy fun sport. Hula Hooping combines sport and fun in successful perfection: The learning of the technique and steady progresses will increase the self-confidence, regular exercise sessions can improve the coordination and the overall physical endurance. Whether alone or a fun competition among friends (for example on the occasion of a children's birthday party), this children Hula Hoop will bring in every respect more momentum into everyday life. And in addition to swing, more color will come in the often dreary day because kids can select from 7 popular colors their personal favorites.

Brightly colored Hula Hoops for children: all kids love this game classic

  • robust material (HDPE) is perfect for stormy kids
  • high quality product, handmade in Germany
  • select depending on the size/ age a suitable diameter
  • kids can choose their favorite from 7 vibrant colors
  • a round thing: this Hula Hoop animates children to move
  • competitive exercises with fun: Who can swing the Hula Hoop longer?

Experience moving moments with your children and this Hula Hoop

Get here a classic in the field of children's toys and experience the revival of the popular Hula Hoop. You will certainly enjoy beautiful moments together with your offspring when you refine together on the technique and soon set with great pride the first successes. Here, in this online shop, you will find many useful information and tips concerning Hula Hooping. Only with fun, this children's Hula Hoop can fulfill for what it has been carefully designed: to put a smile on the face of children and parents!

This effective Hula Hoop will move your kids: Discover finally a sport for kids that offers fun and noticeable health effects.

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