Hoopomania Hula Hoops celebrate their sporting triumph in Real and Metro hypermarkets!

19.07.2013 23:36 | News

In the new commercial, the sporting Hoopomania Hula Hoops not only make a good impression, now they will get lots of exposure in wholesale. The commercial has been created for a campaign for the sale of Hoopomania Light Hoop and Weight Hoop in real,- and Metro superstores. He vividly shows how the training works and what specific benefits this sport has to offer. By selling this fitness equipment in real,- hypermarkets and Metro stores, the sporting triumph of the Hoopomania Hula Hoops will gain momentum, other markets will follow soon. For those who cannot wait, the attractive range of Hula Hoop models is of course available for purchase online at any time.

Weiter zum Light Hoop oder Weight Hoop

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