Hoopomania exercise ball with message nubs

Hoopomania exercise ball with message nubs
Content: Gymball with massage nubs, pump

Diameter: 55 cm

Material: PVC

Weight: 1.1 kg

Colour: rose

Stay tuned to your health with this exercise ball!

Yes, you can take us at our word with this innovative product: if you stay on the ball regularly, you will benefit noticeably. Use this comfortable seating option in order to reach an upright posture and to strengthen the back muscles. Improve your sense of balance by means of sitting on this ball. The attached nubs will offer you a massage which may in addition stimulate the circulation effectively. Also, you can relax in a non-slip seating position because of the nubs. With this attractive ball, you can train your whole body without strenuous efforts. Discover a new body feeling…

Take a seat and feel good: sitting ball with massage nubs:
  • health effective training of important body areas
  • strengthens the abdominal and back muscles
  • the nubs cause a soothing massage effect
  • improved blood circulation due to massaging effect
  • improved blood circulation due to massaging effect
  • sense of balance and coordination improve
  • a relaxed seating option for pregnant women

Fitness and relaxing while having a seat? This ball makes it possible!

Explore and expand with this innovative fitness ball completely new possibilities to train and to relax your body. Treat yourself to a relaxing break and enjoy a new and more conscious body feeling after some weeks. Especially pregnant women can use this ball as a pleasant and relieving seating option which protects the back. Take a seat on this exercise ball and just enjoy it!