Hoopomania Foam Roller for Yoga

Hoopomania Yogarolle
Material: EVA foam, PVC

Color: blue, orange or black

Diameter: 14 cm

Length: 33 cm or 61 cm

Patterns: hexagon, square or arrow

Fitness, relaxation and massage in one: On this yoga foam roller, you will experience a new dimension of health awareness

With this high quality Yoga fitness roller in different sizes and structural designs (arrow, rectangle or hexagon), Hoopomania offers a cost effective alternative that provides a greater comfort and balance in everyday life. An innovative structure with three different massage zones ensures that you will feel noticeably the effects. The pleasant massage creates a gentle and relaxing effect with view to painful muscle tensions. The soft outer foam ensures a high training comfort, which is decisive for a pleasant body-conscious break. The core made of durable ABS gives this yoga roller a desirable stability for various forms of exercises. Use the structured massage profile as a useful supplement for your personal yoga program.

Enjoy with this Yoga roller soothing time-outs in the stresses of everyday life
  • robust ABS inside ensures stability, the soft surface enables a high training comfort
  • sporty wellness equipment for physical relaxation, regeneration and the relief of pain points
  • different styles/patterns to choose from, the structured profile ensures a relaxing massage effect
  • durch das ausgeprägte Profil genießen Sie eine entspannende Massagewirkung
  • 3 different massage zones provide more variety
  • so called muscle fascia (pain points) can be alleviated with exercises
  • integrate the roller in your yoga or exercises
  • blue or orange? Which color would you like?
  • Hoopomania embodies with this fitness roller an excellent price-performance ratio

A soothing basis for a greater well-being: massage and relaxation factor in tangible harmony

You want to enjoy pure physical and mental relaxation after a long and stressful day? Then you should integrate this Yoga roller with handy dimensions as ideal and health-conscious solution to your workout routine. Use it as basis for effective and soothing exercises which can contribute to physical and mental relaxation. No matter which kind of exercises you do on the skin-friendly fitness roller, a gentle massage effect will be your constant companion. The robust ABS core provides the necessary stability for exercises in a standing position.

Discover this health-conscious yoga roller for relaxed time-outs in everyday life and don’t let your well-being to chance. This Yoga fitness roller will be in the truest sense of the word a perfect base!