Hoopomania Fitness Hoop 0,6kg

Hoopomania Dance I Hula Hoop

Diameter: 90/95/100/105cm

Material: PE-80, PVC tape and grip tape

Tube diameter: about 2.5 cm

Weight: 440-650 grams

Colors: black and yellow, green, orange, pink and blue

Made in Germany (handmade)

Hula Hoop (Travel Hoop) with practical folding function: Round will be small with a few simple steps!

With this innovative foldable Hula Hoop (Travel Hoop), Hoopomania offers a special exercise equipment that you can take with you anywhere in a space-saving way. You are looking for an effective, flexible and challenging fitness tool to improve your athletic endurance and your well-being? Then you will make with this foldable Hula Hoop an excellent choice. Hula Hooping embodies a holistic fitness form with which you can work off extra pounds and with which you may selectively improve physical problem areas, not to mention a noticeable improvement of the posture. The large diameter of this Hula Hoop makes it in particular interesting for beginners.

Hoopomania fitness Hula Hoop: foldable, flexible and highly effective
  • ideal for beginners because of the large diameter
  • very suitable for gymnastics or Dance Hooping
  • longevity due to the robust construction and high quality components
  • the integrated grip tape counteracts effectively slipping of the tire
  • 5 attractive color combinations to choose from
  • the folding function is a special functional highlight of this model
  • with a few simple steps, you can significantly reduce the size
  • Travel Hoop: fitness will be possible anywhere
  • high quality product, handmade in Germany

A Hula Hoop that can be reduced in size: Take it flexibly with you everywhere!

Hoopomania will convince you in particular with the functional highlight ‘folding function’! This Hula Hoop has a special connector with which you can easily fold up the tire. Overall, you can reduce the size significantly so that a space-saving transport becomes reality. Of course, it is just as easy to bring the tire back into its round shape to enjoy sweeping fitness exercises. Sometimes it may only be necessary to adjust to the connectors a little bit to give back the fully round shape to the tire.

This innovative Hula Hoop can be flexibly taken anywhere: Hoopomania allows you to enjoy athletic flexibility with this foldable Hula Hoop like never before! Convince yourself and use this model as a perfect Travel Hoop for a limitless training experience.

Private customers can order the product here (simply click on the button): Hoopomania Fitness Hoop