Hoopomania Dance Hoop II, Hula Hoop in pink/black, 0.65 kg

Hoopomania Dance Hoop II
Diameter: 106 cm

Material: plastic, tape

Tube diameter: approx. 2.5 cm

Weight: 0.65 kg

Color: pink, black

Hoopomania Dance Hoop II: Move your hips to the rhythm of the music!

...according to this motto, you can soon spice up your fitness life. Put finally an end to sluggish sitting around after work and experience with your body how Dance Hooping will release your vital forces. Pull yourself together and awake beautiful childhood memories while getting into the Hoopomania Dance Hoop II. Yes, you will love this kind of sport as it invigorates body and soul. Besides fighting effectively against your problem areas, you may as well reduce your weight by means of a more health-conscious nutrition. Dance Hooping is the perfect sport after work for all fitness conscious people who have rhythm in their blood. Furthermore, the Dance Hoop II can be used for very many gymnastic exercises in order to enrich the training.

Hoopomania Dance Hoop II: You shouldn't miss these advantages

  • versatile, especially for Dance Hooping and gymnastics
  • the special adhesive tape allows anti-slip effect
  • ideal for beginners of Hooping
  • continuous Hula Hoop with excellent stability
  • You don't like the color? Simply attach another tape!

Are you a part of a new fitness trend? Move your hips and try it out now!

Dance Hooping is becoming increasingly popular in many living rooms and gyms because no other sport combines music, rhythm, energy and vitality in such a high efficiency which you will feel and see after some weeks of training. Try a new fitness dimension and get your Dance Hoop II directly online with a few clicks. Realize your personal fitness needs: create your personal music mix for your workout and pep up the color of the Hula Hoop with a different tape in order to express your new vitality as well visually.

We wish you a lot of "moving" moments with your Hoop Dance II!

Private customers can order the product here (simply click on the button):Hoopomania Dance Hoop II