Hoopomania Dance Hoop I, Hula Hoop in blue/black, 0.65 kg

Hoopomania Dance I Hula Hoop
Diameter: 106 cm

Material: plastic, tape

Tube diameter: approx. 2.5 cm

Weight: 0.65 kg

Color: blue, black
Hoopomania Dance Hoop I: Are you ready for exciting moves?

Do you miss fun and variety during your workout? Do you still know Hula Hoops from your childhood? Did you love them? If yes, you should discover a new "personal trainer" with the Hoopomania Dance Hoop I! With this Hula Hoop, you will be able to swing yourself fit. It is the ideal training equipment for Dance Hooping and gymnastic exercises as well. Its light weight enables a pain-free and very pleasant training experience. The surface is coated with a special anti-slip tape, which will be especially useful for beginners in the initial phase. The construction is extremely stable and robust (it consists of one continuous unit). Hooping is an ideal sport to train muscles and to improve the whole coordination. Regular workouts after work are not only liberating and relaxing, they also support a healthy weight loss.

Hoopomania Dance Hoop: a round fitness partner!
  • perfect equipment for Dance Hooping and/or gymnastics
  • high stability and convincing longevity
  • the blue tape increases the anti-slip effect
  • you prefer another color? Simply attach a new tape that you like!

Become now a Dance Hooper and enjoy a more powerful workout wherever you want!

Lethargy, back pain and pitiable problem areas were yesterday. Discover with Dance Hooping the ultimate new fitness trend. Even if you have been a couch potato until then, you will love the Hoopomania Hoop Dance. Step into the fitness ring, move your body to the rhythm of the music and forget the daily life for a while.

Into the Dance Hoop, ready - GO! Start your personal fitness revolution...

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