Hoopomania Circus Hula Hoop

Weight: between 200 and 250 grams

Diameter:70, 75, 80, 85 or 90 cm

Material: HDPE, grip tape and decorative tape (glitter, hologram or metallic)

Color: different options depending on the basic pattern (glitter, hologram or metallic)

Tube diameter: 16 mm

Thickness of the material:2 mm

Handmade in Germany

Circus Hula Hoop for convincing performances: peppy power meets exciting look

The curtain is rising! With this circus Hula Hoop, friends of this trend sport will make an excellent choice. The ultra-thin tire (only 16 millimeters wide) makes in all respects a good figure: the sweeping training experience strengthens the tissue, the muscles at the back and buttocks and the overall posture. The well-being can be actively improved. Because of the thin material thickness and the light weight, a high level of comfort and maximum flexibility are enjoyable. Integrated grip tape ensures a high level of grip so that the slippage can be effectively reduced in the initial training phase. As material basis, HDPE has been processed, which is characterized by its increased density. In this way, this tire is extremely strong and durable.

Circus Hula Hoop: Ultra-thin, expressive and lively

  • quality product, hand-made in Germany
  • robust and flexible: HDPE is a very strong material base
  • very light weight, the diameter can be selected individually
  • the quality hologram tape in different colors sets visual highlights
  • ultra-thin design: ideal for a circus performance with multiple Hula Hoops (Multihooping)
  • attractive price-performance ratio

Discover new dimensions of Hula Hooping: Let more than one Hula Hoop fly around your hips

An ultra-thin and flat circus Hula Hoop is perfect for Double or Multihooping: Let fly several of these tires around the waist and ensure with different colors and the hologram effect changing impressions. Do you want to expand your Hula Hooping repertoire? Then try out this circus Hoop and discover a new dimension of fitness! You can order different diameters so that a perfect match to your own needs is possible.

The control of one Hula Hoop is not enough for you? With this circus Hoop, you will be a passionate Multi Hooper!

Private customers can order the product here (simply click on the button):Circus Hula Hoop