Hoopomania Circus Hula Hoop

Weight: between 200 and 250 grams

Diameter:70, 75, 80, 85 or 90 cm

Material: HDPE, grip tape and decorative tape (glitter, hologram or metallic)

Color: different options depending on the basic pattern (glitter, hologram or metallic)

Tube diameter: 16 mm

Thickness of the material:2 mm

Handmade in Germany

Ultralight Circus Hula Hoops in attractive designs as expressive basis for Multihooping

Discover with this modern circus Hula Hoop a lightweight and dynamic training experience. By slim dimensions and a light weight, this basic circus Hula Hoop is just made to let circle several of its kind around your waist. You want to try Double or even Multihooping? With this Hoop, you enjoy the perfect way to do it. Select an optimally tailored diameter and let several Hoops fly around the hip. Thanks to fixed grip tape on the inside, the grip level increases significantly, so you can easily take control. Find out how many Hula Hoops you are able to control!

High quality and design-conscious circus Hula Hoops by Hoopomania
  • quality product that is produced in Germany carefully by hand
  • ideal conditions: the diameter can be selected between 70 and 90 cm (5 cm intervals)
  • light basis weight for a maximum comfort
  • on the inside, grip tape ensures a significant increase in the adhesion level
  • Circus Hoop as an ideal device for the Double/ Multihooping
  • professional equipment for demanding performances
  • glitter, hologram or metallic: select different colors in addition to an attractive base effect

Let several of these circus Hula Hoops fly around the middle of your body

If you are ready for a new Hula Hooping dimension, then you should order this circus Hula Hoop that we deliver in an attractive range of styles and colors. You have the chance to choose between a glitter, a hologram or a metallic effect.

The control of one Hula Hoop is not enough for you? With this circus Hoop, you will be a passionate Multi Hooper!

Private customers can order the product here (simply click on the button):Circus Hula Hoop