Hoopomania Body Hoop 0.95 kg with 77 massage points

Hoopomania Body Hula hoop
The workout equipment:
Hoopomania Body Hoop has 77 massage balls, a diameter of 96 cm (38‘‘) and weighs 0.95 kg (2,09 lbs).

Target group:
petite, light weight people with 56 - 65 kg (123 - 143 lbs), beginners and advanced

Performance level of massage: mild
Unit: 7 pieces

Diameter: 96 cm

Weight: 0.95 kg

Colour: blue, red, white

Hoopomania Body Hula Hoop Workout benefits:

The cardiovascular aerobic spinning exercise burns fat the moment you get started. Hooping tones your abs and strengthens your core muscles, like midriff, buttocks and stomach muscles in particular. Hula hoop practice lifts up your spirits, opens your heart and works your brain. It relieves you from stress and tackles functions of both your brain halves by its challenging diversity. Hooping infuses traditional Tai-Chi, Pilates and Yoga benefits. It energizes you with various fitness movements: From Street Dance and Hip Hop Moves to Salsa. Swing up your life and find power, flexibility, endurance and dynamics.


Body Hoop is collapsible into 7 parts by a one-click-spring lock system. For assembly connect the spring locks to their respective loops. Press on the hoop joints until you hear an audible „click“. Before spinning put some stress on the hoop joints to make sure they are properly connected.

Safety advices:

Beginners should not exceed 5 minutes workout time per day. Get used to your hooping workout gradually. Learn spinning at your own pace. Do not attempt to hoop while pregnant, when you are carrying electronical implants, suffer from high blood pressure or when your health is weak or already at risk.

Make sure you keep a proper distance to objects and other people near you while hooping. Use the hoop only for exercise purposes according instructions. In the beginning soreness and bruising may temporarily occur. This side effect is not unusual or harmful. You can prevent bruising simply by wearing the Hoopomania elastic exercise belt.

Private customers can order the product here (simply click on the button): Hoopomania Body Hoop