Hoopomania Balance Mat

Hoopomania Profi Hoop

Material: HDTPE

Weight: 500g

Dimensions: 48x38x5.8cm

Color: blue, pink, black

A non-slip base for a new balance: work out in a joint-friendly way on the Hoopomania balance mat

This balance mat from Hoopomania does not carry the term "functional magic square" by chance because it offers a great flexibility of exercise options with which you can take your body feeling and the overall well-being into your own hands. While working out, your sporty fantasy knows no limits thanks to the non-slip and soft surface. Whether for yoga exercises, stretching, back or equipment training,withthis mat you enter a new sporty territory for maximum workout effects. Such health-promoting mats already had their breakthrougha long time ago in the field of rehabilitation for therapeutic purposes. You acquire here in this sense a proven training partner for home with whom you should work on your balance and your overall posture several times a week.

Hoopomania balance mat: All product features in a compact summary
  • TPE foam as basis: non-slip and very skin compatible
  • ideal companion for workouts at home
  • can also be used as equipment in professional gym
  • secure basis to train the coordination
  • joint-friendly training of strength, motor skills and coordination
  • little storage space required by handy dimensions
  • easy to transport thanks to the low weight
  • proven fitness tool for rehabilitation (therapeutic use)
  • the robust foam causes a convincing longevity

Take a seat, feel good and rediscover your body: Discover the benefits of this innovative balance mat

With this innovative balance mat, you can put your athletic exercises literally on a new, non-slip basis. Experience by means of regular and beneficial joint-friendly workouts on your mat how to improve step by step strength, motor skills, endurance and the overall coordination.Use this mat to create a health conscious time out after a stressful day. Order your new balance mat and prescribe you a soothing break during which you can actively increase your well-being. You will quickly realize that this mat allows a variety of training options: Stand with both legs or with one leg on your balance mat and perform with your favorite relaxing music in the background your individually composed training program.

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