Hoopomania Balance Cushion with massage nubs

Hoopomania Profi Hoop
Contents / Included parts:seat cushion with massage nubs, air pump
Material: PVC
Diameter: 34 cm
Height: 7 cm
Color: blue
Weight: 0,95 kg

Hoopomania balance cushion with soothing massage nubs (air pump included)

With this soothing balance seat cushion, your new fitness or relaxation motto will be: sit down, relax and find your inner balance and leave your worries behind. We present you a functional and high quality product innovation from Hoopomania: this innovative seat cushion with built-in massage nubs is a perfect tool for hometo effectively train your sense of balance and your overall physical coordination. Enjoy with the "sitting" workouts a powerful time out which is essential for your inner balance and well-being as well. With this space-saving and easy-to-use seat cushion, you can practically anywhere enjoy a deeply relaxing full body workout. Improve your posture and coordination while enjoying the soothing and stimulating massage effect of the integrated nubs.

Do you have to sit a very long time in your job and has back pain become your constant companion? You should use this balance cushion from Hoopomania to work goal-focused on your spinal muscles and to improve your well-being actively in a relaxed sitting position. The non-slip surface gives you during many exercises a secure grip. Furthermore, the PVC nubs sharpen one's own body awareness through a higher level of stimulation.

Hoopomania balance cushion with built-in massage nubs: Benefits at a glance
  • perfect fitness tool for home or gyms
  • ideal for relaxing back and balance exercises
  • health effective design in high quality
  • beneficial stimulation thanks to the PVC massage nubs
  • enjoy more security through the non-slip surface
  • convenient and space-saving dimensions
  • preventive health training for a stronger back
  • flexible, can be used anywhere
  • a practical air pump is already included
  • while standing, you can use this cushion for a pleasant foot massage

Relaxing ways to a greater well-being and balance with the balance seat cushion from Hoopomania

Enjoy the large flexibility that offers this health-conscious balance cushion. You think that you have sat enough and you want more variety in fitness training? With this innovative cushion, this is possible: Use it in a standing position to treat yourself to an invigorating foot massage. If desired, you can change your workout routine every day to keep boredom at bay. The package already contains the practical air pump in order to fill the cushion, so that the air can never go out of your training sessions!

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