Hoopomania Back Support, back stretcher in 4 different versions

Hoopomania back support

back stretcher (2 pieces), belt, DVD, instruction

Dimensions:  38 x 25 x 7/9/11 cm

Color:               black, black/white (depending on the chosen model)

Material:          plastic

Weight:            520 g  

With this innovative back stretcher you can strengthen your back perceptibly!
Are you one of those who suffer from chronic back pain? In statistical terms, every 4th adult in Germany suffers from back problems. More than half of the population is suffering from regular back pain. Not coincidentally, medical experts describe back pain as a kind of modern folk illness. Sedentary, lack of exercises and a poor posture do the rest. Do you know this kind of problems? Pain is almost inevitable if the back muscles don't have enough power to support the spinal column effectively. The innovative back stretcher allows you to improve the strength of the back muscles in a comfortable and less sudorific way: the exercises with the back support help you to improve your whole posture. After some weeks of back training, you will feel yourself better. Due to its special ergonomic shape, the back stretcher is able to perfectly adapt to the structure of your back.

Get active now and improve the health of your back!
  • 2 training sessions of 5 minutes per day are enough for a healthier back
  • very efficient health exercise equipment
  • 3 different levels (for beginners and advanced users)
  • the included DVD shows you how to use the back support
  • usable as well on the way due to the included belt
  • physiotherapists and fitness experts recommend this type of back exercises
  • attractive range of models (Basic, massage nubs or integrated magnets) for different requirements / preferences

The back stretcher offers you a maximum "health flexibility" in many waysRückenstrecker Basic

The back stretcher is a perfect solution for all professionals because the included belt allows using it as well on the car or on the office chair as effective and beneficial support. Even when only sitting passively, you may offer your back a very efficient support. The back stretcher comes with a DVD containing a lot of practical information and the most important basic rules for the training. Studies show that already two short training sessions of 5 minutes are enough to realize noticeable effects. The back stretcher can be used in 3 different levels with regard to the individual fitness level (the levels 2 and 3 are only for advanced users). Please note that the back stretcher is not a remedy for back problems. It rather provides a prophylactic approach to back pain. If you experience during or after the exercises any unusual sensation, please contact your doctor immediately. When suffering from general health restrictions, you should always obtain in advance a professional medical advice.

Rückenstrecker mit MassagenoppenBack Stretcher with massage nubs for a particularly intense training experience
With this model of the back stretcher you will make a good choice if you want to train your back gently and to intensify it with the help of massage nubs. Due to the selective pressure of the massage nubs, you can stimulate the skin tissue and the deeper muscles groups of the back. The included belt allows you to use the back stretcher as well on the way in the car. In addition to the supporting function, you can enjoy as well a pleasant massage. In any case, this model offers a noticeable massage effect due to the integrated nubs. And even on the way or at work, you can improve passively your health!

Back Stretcher with integrated magnets for more energy and vitality in your lifeRückenstrecker mit Magneten
With this model of the back stretcher you will make an excellent choice for your health. You have the opportunity to choose different levels for your stretching exercises. Through the integrated magnets, you can also enjoy a health-effective magnetic field therapy in order to stimulate and to strengthen your back. Magnetic fields can have an invisible, positive impact on organic body processes. Furthermore, they are able to improve your mood and well-being actively. In addition, skin, blood vessels and underlying muscle groups can be reached and stimulated by magnetic fields.

Rückenstrecker mit Akupressure NopenWith these specific acupressure nubs you can prevent back pain
If you opt for this model of the back stretcher with acupressure nubs, you will be able to enjoy during the exercises an intense and soothing massage effect. The targeted application of pressure allows releasing tensions. Furthermore, the well-measured pressure can improve the blood circulation. A pleasant feeling of warmth may relieve pain sensations. Due to the integrated massage nubs, you will be able to realize an intensive stimulation of the muscles in your back. And last but not least this proven method of massage of the traditional Chinese medicine has a relaxing effect on your body and your soul.


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