Nail mat (acupressure mat)

Nail mat (acupressure mat)
Material: 100% cotton, ABS, foam

Color: green or purple

Nail rosettes: 275

Tips: 42 (on each nail rosette)

Dimensions: 75 x 47 x 2,5 cm

Size of the acupressure surface: 69 x 45 cm

To lie down comfortably: A high-quality nail mat with feel-good factor

This health-promoting nail mat (acupressure mat) is a perfect solution for you if you are looking for pure relaxation after long working days or if you want to tackle back pain and sleep problems actively. Lie down on this nail mat and leave your worries completely behind you. Enjoy the pleasant massage effect due the integrated pyramid tips. You can use the nail mat as well for your mediation exercises. Put the mat easily with the help of the eyelets on the wall and dive into a relaxed world...

Akupressur NagelmatteAn acupressure mat for a soothing and deep relaxation:
  • attractive design with symbolic colors
  • high quality materials (100% cotton and ABS plastic)
  • pleasant massage effect for the muscles of the back
  • enjoy a perfect way to relax in everyday life
  • use the eyelets for meditative exercises
  • space-saving: just roll it up
  • flexible travel companion
  • a good weapon against sleep problems

Quality is no coincidence: this nail mat feels good  

On the surface you will feel over 275 rosettes and all of them have 42 pyramid tips. Because of theses pyramid elements the mat can be called acupressure mat. All tips are very carefully calibrated and incorporated so that the massage effect is uniformly. When lying on the mat, you will feel which kind of effect the precise arrangement of the tips has. Be inspired by the symbolic colors of the nail mat which stand for harmony, balance, intuition and clarity. Take advantage of the sessions on your nail mat in order to relax and to leave some worries behind. Create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that is perfect for stress reduction. When not in use, you can roll the nail mat if you want to save space and to store it (preferably not in the gripping width of children). The cleaning is possible with warm water by hand. While drying the mat, you should get it in shape lengthwise. You may use the mat as well to improve your sleep or to enjoy a sustainable sleeping base during your vacation.

Discover now with this high-quality nail mat a new way to enjoy a soothing break in everyday life!

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