And this is what Hoopomania Hula Hoop does for you!

On these pages we tell you all about the benefits of hooping. You receive comprehensive instructions on how to use our products. You will learn how to stay healthy, alert and energetic. We guide you to the right nutrition while you work out to get lean. And of course, we feature the latest news on the hula hoop movement and its philosophy.

Our motto is: Love your body! Hooping is a whole new way to swing up your life. These are your muscles, midriff and hips... make them work for you again. By working together with your body’s own abilities, the Hoopomania 360-degree-workout will assist your tissue repair, recovery and toning even after pregnancy and illness.

Outwit premature aging. Hooping is known to boost the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response and mental fitness, (not to mention potentially loose-fitting jeans). Regular physical activity such as hula hoop can promote and maintain heart health and even tends to lower the risks of developing osteoporosis and breast cancer. It may assist with your fat and hormone metabolism when you are over 30 years old, making it much easier to manage weight and stay fit. Hoopers even seem in less need to consult a physician!



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Soon to come: The Hoopomania Tutorial on DVD. Get to learn about fluidity with alignment, strength with flexibility and practice with daily life. Benefit from a full spectrum of hooping instructions and guided practices by the pros from basic to advanced levels.
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Hoopomania Hula Hoops celebrate their sporting triumph in Real and Metro hypermarkets!

19.07.2013 23:36 | 0 Comments
In the new commercial, the sporting Hoopomania Hula Hoops not only make a good impression, now they will get lots of exposure in wholesale. The commercial has been created for a campaign for the sale of Hoopomania Light Hoop and Weight Hoop in real,- and Metro superstores...
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