Colorful Kids Hula Hoop by Hoopomania

Hoopomania colorful kids hula hoop
Weight: 170-223 grams (depending on the size of the chosen diameter)

Diameter: 60, 70 or 80 cm 

Material: HDPE, Grip Tape

Colors: 21 color variations

Tube diameter: 16mm

Material thickness: 2 mm

Made in Germany, handmade

More fun in everyday life: This colorful children's Hula Hoop is a peppy training partner

Do you have problems trying to animate your children in everyday life to more health-enhancing exercises? Are you looking for a sporty alternative that makes the computer appear as boring? This high quality Hula Hoop for kids made of durable HDPE is the perfect solution for you! With 21 varied color combinations, you can also animate kids visually. By 3 selectable diameters, you can ensure that the children Hoop fits best, which is the basis for fun and athletic efficiency. You purchase a quality product which is handmade in Germany.

Perfect sport for kids: Hoopomania Hula Hoop for children in 21 different colors
  • HDPE as very stable base is perfect for children
  • you buy a quality product, handmade in Germany
  • perfect fit: please select a diameter
  • motivation from the beginning: kids can choose one of 21 colors when ordering
  • Hula Hooping is a health active form of training
  • ideal sport on the playground or in the garden

Finally a sport for kids that needs no persuasion ...

With this colorful and lively children Hoop, you do not have to persuade kids a long time to start moving. The attractively designed Hoop itself is able to animate children to swing the hips and the whole body. With the right music in the background, you can improve the mood even further and increase in that way the motivation. In this spirit, functional grip tape has been attached to the inside, which increases the adhesion level noticeably. This makes it easier for beginners to keep the Hula Hoop up or to control it. Whether outdoors with friends, as highlight at a birthday party or in the children’s room on rainy days, this Hula Hoop for kids will bring more fun into everyday life. Regular exercise sessions can exert a health-promoting effect on the posture and the overall well-being.

This effective Hula Hoop will move your kids: Discover finally a sport for kids that offers fun and noticeable health effects.

Private customers can order the product here (simply click on the button): Colorful Kids Hula Hoop